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RJ Enterprises Inc., founded by Jack Seguin, is an independently owned company with Head Offices in Spruce Grove, Alberta, and Delta, British Columbia.   CEO Jack Seguin has been named one of Canada’s Top Energy Innovators, and under his guidance our team handles the management of a handful of cutting-edge businesses. The companies under the RJ Enterprises umbrella span environmental, industrial, real estate and food industries, and employ 200–250 people during peak seasons. Jack’s early years began in the trades as a B Class pressure welder. His excellence and ability to coach led to a 5-year teaching position in Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s welding program, the youngest instructor at NAIT (at the time).His talents for leadership, guidance, ingenuity, design and taste are keys to the quality of everything that Jack is involved with. Jack began studying the mortgage business in 1971 and went on to own and operate RAM Mortgage Company from 1973 through to 1983. RJ Enterprises now offers bridge financing services, business loans, as well as commercial and residential mortgages. Jack owned two small retail bakeries, English Bay Pie Company on Denman and Granville streets in Vancouver, B.C. In 1983 he developed a cookie dough for his own stores. The two store trial resulted in the launch of English Bay Batter Inc. The success of English Bay, commanding a 60% market share of the Canadian food service business as well as making major inroads into the US retail business is what Jack may be most famous for leading. He independently ran the successful cookie dough company until 2014, when he decided to sell. Jack remains founder and majority owner of English Bay Blending and Chocolate Factory. The creation of a company focusing on environmental solutions for the oil and gas industry began in Jack’s birth town of Bonnyville, Alberta in 1988. The aim of the environmentally sustainable technologies is to reduce green house gas emissions and the reduction of the carbon footprint, now and into the future.

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While location is critical, the company is finding staff to be its greatest resource. “Our team is exceptional, and we help each other across departments and businesses,” adds Jack. “No one is siloed and this builds on our strengths.” With its award-winning staff—an impressive roster of diverse positions, from entrepreneurs and tradesmen, to chemists and food scientists—RJ Enterprises seeks to empower each business entity, to enhance sustainability and ultimately, improve upon the status quo.
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•     Challenge the status quo in safety, innovation and quality
•     Courage, tenacity, determination proceeds growth
•     Empower our employees and respect our clients, the environment and each other
•     Dedication, integrity, and pride in everything that we do
The mission of the RJ owned Group of Companies is to provide structural resources and innovation through the strength of the individual entities, that might not otherwise be available to emerging businesses. Each entity has discovered a gap or niche in the market and is constantly and effectively pursuing new and exciting segments. 
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