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RJ MacLean is a global leader in industrial tank cleaning services. Our management team has vast experience in international tank cleaning projects, spanning four continents. We provide our customers with strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking solutions for the cleaning of storage tanks, vessels and rail cars.We have built the RJ MacLean philosophy around the simple principle of embracing technological advancement, safety and environmental protection. Our leading-edge processes and equipment offer customizable solutions to meet our client’s specific needs, whatever they might be. RJ MacLean personnel have the expertise and experience to treat any tank contamination problem. From deposition/sediment removal to toxic solutions, to bacterial degradation, RJ MacLean provides practical, safe and effective solutions.

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RJ MacLean is North America’s #1 developer of customized robotic tank cleaning equipment:

•    Manway Cannons
•    ROV
•    Mover

All RJ MacLean’s robotics have been custom built and designed to excel in the most difficult and hazardous conditions. We are continuously reinvesting in our personnel and equipment development to improve upon the current models, and to ensure that we remain innovators in the market. Many of our competitors will claim to have the same equipment—this is impossible. Period. How do we know? All of our equipment is built in-house and patented.

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•    Clean sweep technology
  -    Power sweeps
  -    Tank polishers
  -    Movers
•    Non-entry equipment
•    Innovative cleaning solutions
•    Efficient tank cleaning and sludge processing techniques
•    Sludge removal management
•    Tank bottom treatment
•    Process development
•    Solids reduction and recycling of available process water
•    Comprehensive chemical solutions
•    Project specific planning
•    Comprehensive sampling and analysis

"Service is our mission. Clean is our statement."
We are always open to new ideas!
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To provide services that continuously challenge and improve upon current industry methods; specifically focusing on improving safety, efficiency and environmental practices
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RJ Enviro Tech Inc. (formerly RJ Oil Inc.) is a Canadian company, based in Alberta, in operation since 2002. With our focus on green technology and green chemistry, our team of professionals  have developed game-changing solutions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) from waste streams in the oil and gas industry. We work with our clients to reduce chemical consumption, increase oil recovery and minimize disposal of oil to a landfill or to reinjection, through oil recycling and waste management. 

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RJ Enviro Tech Inc. offers a variety of on-site and fixed facility solutions, from EOR to soil remediation, all tailored to client and project requirements
• Recycling and Recovery — RJ Enviro Tech Inc.’s patented water/oil separation technology maximizes water clarification while recovering hydrocarbons.
• RJ Production Waste Management Modules — Our Class 1 Zone 1 electrical certified processing modules are designed to be positioned into any part of our customer's facility minimizing off-site disposal and transport.
• Process Optimization
  1.Improved de-oiling efficiency
  2.Increased de-oiling capacity
  3.Chemistry optimization
  4.Consistent sales oil production

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•    Eliminate the need to recycle emulsions back to the front end
•    Reduce:
   a)    upfront chemistry costs
   b)    ratio of production waste/barrel of oil produced
   c)     liability and exposure of transportation of production waste to disposal
•    Maximize recovery of produced water
•    Increase revenue from recovered oil

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•    Water Clarification
•    Solids Processing
•    Oil Recovery - Slop Oil Processing:
   a)     Alfa Laval Lynx 35 Tricanter Skid - Up to 10m³/hr, three phase processing
   b)     Flottweg Z6E Tricanter Package - Up to 25m³/hr. three phase processing
   c)    RJO-PRO-X Series - Up to 25m³/hr. processing rate
   d)     Magnetic - RJ has a patent pending on an invention designed to take our existing phase separator’s oil water separation and recovery from its present capability of 95% to 99% oil removal.  The invention incorporates a permanent magnetic and/or electromagnetic fields to improve the demulsification of oil in water. The incorporation and utilization of magnetic technology will enhance oil agglomeration, to improve oil water gravity separation within the separation cell. RJ Enviro Tech Inc. has modified its existing Phase Separators, creating multiple designs, that will utilize this magnetic technology.

To realize a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint. 
To substantially aid in the global fight against global warming by reducing the release of harmful chemicals.
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