RJ Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1983 and is independently owned by CEO Jack Seguin.

Jack’s early years began in the trades as a B class pressure welder. His excellence and ability to coach led to a 5 year teaching position in Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s welding program, the youngest instructor at NAIT (at the time).

His talents for leadership, guidance, ingenuity, design, and taste are keys to the quality of everything that Jack is involved with. His vision and roots in Western Canada led to work in areas including:

Finance, land acquisitions and development:

Jack began studying the mortgage business in 1971 and went on to own and operate RAM mortgage company from 1973 until 1983. RJ Enterprises now offers bridge financing services, business loans, as well as commercial and residential mortgages.

Residential Land projects in the US and Canada include:

Bellingham, Washington where land acquisition in 1979 lead to the creation of a beautiful housing development called Samish Heights Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona with 3 luxury homes for sale

Stony Plain, Alberta future development on 320 acres for Estate residential

Commercial land projects in Canada include:

Mitchell Island BC, completed and sold out 80 acres of industrial warehouse and land

Stony Plain, Alberta.300 acres of light industrial and build to suit warehouses with specialized financing

Food industry: Jack owned 2 small retail bakeries, RJ Pie Company on Denman and Granville streets in Vancouver, B.C. In 1983 he decided to develop cookie dough for his own stores. The 2 store trial resulted in the launch of English Bay Batter Inc. The success of RJ to command a 60% market share of the Canadian food service business as well as major inroads into the US retail business is what Jack may be most famous for leading. He independently ran the successful cookie dough company until 2014, when he decided to sell a majority of the company. In 2017 English Bay Batter sold again and is now solely owned by French food company Cerelia, leading producer of rolled dough and pancakes in Europe. The acquisition of English Bay Batter will create an international group able to meet the needs of its historical clients by offering an enlarged range of products through three different distribution channels: Retail, Instore Bakery and Food-service

Jack remains founder and majority owner of English Bay Blending and Chocolate Factory, an innovative foodservice, retail and private label company offering fine dry blends, exquisite chocolates, and bars.

Oil and Gas Industry:

The creation of a company focusing on Environmental solutions for the oil and gas industry began in Jack’s birth town of Bonnyville, Alberta in 1988. He saw an opportunity with his team of professionals to develop game-changing solutions to enhance oil recovery, reduce chemical consumption, and minimize the disposal of oil to a landfill or reinjection. The aim of the environmentally sustainable technologies is for reductions in Green House Gas Emissions and reduction of the carbon footprint now and into the future. The growth in this industry continues with the addition of RJ Maclean Tank cleaning services and RJ Well Testing division.